Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Plastic Phone cards

In many luxury companies or hotels they used a bug, bags and caps etc to promote there business other items in attempts to keep their names in front of current as well as potential customers.These items are too much costly and have low quality so customers just thrown away.

If you don't want to waste your dollars on promotional items than just use prepaid phone cards.When your prospects receive a plastic card with free phone time already on it, they feel it the have given a gift with actual monetary value. Unlike Pen or cap etc they put in there wallets.

Make sure your card can deliver a clear message and eye catching design in order to attract more more customers to extend your business. Since Plastic card printing gives you all that benefits  and its up to you that how you design it. Normally front side with a picture or logo  of your company having good resolution explain your company perspective. On back side dialing minutes in a bold size.

When you plan you next promotional giveaway. don't settle for trinkets with a high novelty factor but no long term value.Update your business promotional time to time. As the business increase, marketing needs are also increase.Keep in update to attain high valuable business.

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