Thursday, 7 June 2012

Die Cut Plastic card

Die cut make from very powerful marketing tools. If you want to increase customers so that they will remember you for a long time Die Cut Plastic card is  perfect choice. These are normal plastic business cards but build in such a way that it will fulfill your needs, normally these are endless. These cards are not too much expensive and easily available in market.

One benefit of die cut is that it push up your business among your competitors. Unfortunately , most people take the simple plastic card which is available in market, they fail to realize the fact that the same card is using by your competitors. They waste dollars on same boring looking cards.

 Lets take an example, 7 clients want to order a product they all have plastic cards and your card is die cut plastic card. 75 % probability they will select you. A simple change can push your business on heights.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Plastic Phone cards

In many luxury companies or hotels they used a bug, bags and caps etc to promote there business other items in attempts to keep their names in front of current as well as potential customers.These items are too much costly and have low quality so customers just thrown away.

If you don't want to waste your dollars on promotional items than just use prepaid phone cards.When your prospects receive a plastic card with free phone time already on it, they feel it the have given a gift with actual monetary value. Unlike Pen or cap etc they put in there wallets.

Make sure your card can deliver a clear message and eye catching design in order to attract more more customers to extend your business. Since Plastic card printing gives you all that benefits  and its up to you that how you design it. Normally front side with a picture or logo  of your company having good resolution explain your company perspective. On back side dialing minutes in a bold size.

When you plan you next promotional giveaway. don't settle for trinkets with a high novelty factor but no long term value.Update your business promotional time to time. As the business increase, marketing needs are also increase.Keep in update to attain high valuable business.

Hotel key cards

There was a time when associations and retailers used paper cards for their customers even paper cards was use for there high valuable customers because paper cards was easier faster and less expensive. 

Than  plastic cards has undergone a revolution to save the paper and protect environment.Plastic cards are easy to use and  the ability to recycle plastic card for reuse. Plastic card can be printed on both sides or on one side with or without magnetic strip and even with a photographic having good resolution.   Hotel key cards is a effective way to increase number of customers. If you have a club than membership card is perfect for it. In every business plastic card is prefer to convey message to customers.

Plastic Card Sizes

SIZES: Plastic card has the ability to print in any size and in any shape that the customers descries.However there some standard size.

ID-1: 3.370 x 2.125 in (85.60 x 53.98 mm)
This is the most commonly used size for plastic cards as it is the standard for banking cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, and is even used as the size for driver's licenses in many countries.

ID-2: 4.134 x 2.913 in (105 x 74mm)
This is a slightly larger plastic card which provides the additional space for a clearly recognizable facial photograph but is still small enough to fit in a wallet. This size is mainly used for ID cards such as the German Personalauweis.

ID-3: 4.921 x 2.913 in (125 x 88 mm) 
  This is the format used worldwide for passports and visas.  

Smart Plastic card

A smart card, chip card or integrated circuit card is a pocket sized card embedded with microprocessor circuit. Almost 89% smart card is used in China. Most of these smart cards are coated with plastic or transparent plastic cards. Many companies or bank use debit cards having smart card circuit having plastic card to attain high trust of customers. 

Smart cards can provide identification, authentication, data storage and application processing.Governments gain a significant enhancement to the provision of publicly funded services through the increased security offered by smart cards. These savings are passed onto society through a reduction in the necessary funding or enhanced public services.

Palstic Card Security

Security of a plastic card is a big issue in now a days.Because these cards  can represent your business and as technology advance marketing tools are also advance; risk of plastic card is also increase.

In today's market the credit cards are also in the form of plastic or transparent plastic card. On plastic credit card the security are as follow:

Bar-codes:  We are fully equipped to apply bar-codes to our plastic cards. If you require us to match an existing bar-code please supply us with the exact specification or alternatively a sample for us to scan.

Signature Strips: Signature strips are the perfect solution for personalizing plastic cards, with the individual's details at the point of issue. The issuer can simply hand write the cardholder privileges, access codes and authorized signatures granting their customer instant access, membership and identification to their club or scheme. We hold in stock a wide variety of single, double and triple signature strips, and can also create a custom built tool to apply your own design.

Personalization: There are different forms of plastic card personalization, varying from names, numbers, codes, photos or dates. The variable data security features allow any number of plastic cards to display the same, a range or completely different information. This is ideal for discount cards, photo ID cards and so on.

Sequential Numbering:  Sequential numbers have a range of applications to help promote plastic card security and to reduce the likelihood of forgery. They assist in monitoring use and issue within a range of applications.

Transparent Plastic cards

Transparent plastic card is one of the most effective way to attract the customer attentions. They look so unusual and elegant, that will impress absolutely any one. But the main focus is one the quality and logo or picture resolution on the card. Transparent Plastic card is used globally as a strong marketing weapons.

Transparent Plastic cards are completely transparent or semi transparent. Semi transparent is used for top level to clearly view texts and logo.Even you can add magnetic strip on the back of card to use as credit cards. These cards are used in every form such as gifted cards, business cards, membership cards or even used as visiting card. By choosing transparent plastic card means promote your business and have maximum number of customers.

Promote Your Business With Plastic Card

Almost every one carries on plastic card in their wallet or purse. Therefore Plastic card is a great opportunity to create awareness of your services or products. With the help of plastic card you can convey your message to public. Here some ways to promote your business.

1: Business cards: While many people use the traditional business card printed on card stock, nothing about their card really stands out except any colors or images. Make your business card stand out by printing it in high quality plastic that is both durable and strong

2: Membership cards: If your company offers any membership so consider having plastic membership cards instead of paper cards. Your membership cards can be printed on plastic that be punched when your members come into your business or purchase items in your store.

3: Gifts Cards: . For the holidays, you can create customized gift cards on durable plastic. Plastic cards can be printed on one side with your business information – logo, location, etc. – and the other side can include strips to write who it’s to, who it’s from, and how much the gift card is worth.

4 :Loyalty Cards : To reward your frequent purchasers, consider giving them a loyalty card that gives them a certain percentage discount every time they buy from you. Consider having a “Share Your Loyalty Day” and have them bring in friends for discounts on certain days.

There are many other ways but points above mention can promote your business.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How You Can Get The best Plastic Card?

Every one is talking about Plastic Cards but how to get the best card? I have two news one is bad news and other is good one. First I want to share good news When it comes to plastic cards, you actually can be discriminating. They aren’t all made equally. However, the bad news is that you can’t tell a quality plastic card just by looking quickly at the front. Its simple whenever you want to buy a card for your office or personal use only buy from authorized dealer.

If you are thinking about plastic card printing,there are four things you should inquire about before placing your order to ensure getting the most reliable and durable cards.

  • Good Plastic card will have clean cut so ask about the cut.
  • There are many types of plastic card and these cards can make from different things for example PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PETG (polyethylene terephthalate) and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).
  • These cards are in many grades so ask about grades and chose grade A.
  • Ask about the printer. there are many printers but not all of them have same result. If you want to add your picture or your company picture, the resolution of that picture will be high and have good quality.
If you kept these points in your mind before ordering a plastic card chances are you’ll get the quality of plastic card you’re looking for.

Plastic Loyalty cards

In a past few years Plastic Loyalty are marketing tactic to attract more traffic. Benefits of loyalty cards are more on client side it will be there discount offer, points and being more loyal to particular store or services. For organization the benefit are to obtain customers data and discover  opportunities to extend business on the data provided by customers and identifying the needs of various shopping groups.  

Given many benefits of Loyalty cards one of them is to build a good relationship with customers and due to customers increase business in various markets.

Plastic card printing Services.

Now a days plastic card can hit the market where ever you want. Many  retailers and marketers have opened for printing plastic labels. Plastic card is used virtually all over the world.Very one want to expand there business and attract more customers ,they used the used plastic card as weapon.

For high business plastic card needs high quality. By, high quality it indicates that plastic card is now ready to use over a year and has a strong paper with sides. Those thing which can effect your Plastic cards are:
  1. Low picture resolution
  2. Ink quality 
  3. Low quality Paper

Make sure you preview the test card. The publishing business must demonstrate the produce as in case of any problems, it is possible to ask them the necessary changes to be made by them.

Environment friendly Cards

As today customers are highly conscious about environmental issue plastic card can provide environment  friendly cards than can be recycle for  over a year. Like PVC cards that can be manufacture from petroleum, the recycle cards produce from recycled PVC cards which reduces the amount of plastic and petroleum.

There is another type of cards called corn or PLA  (poly lactic acid) cards. These are extracted from corn and are an excellent alternative for environmentally conscious organizations and individuals. Aside from the renewable nature of corn, the corn cards require far less energy in production and produce less green house gas than the common petroleum based alternative of PVC.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Plastic Business Cards

Many people use plastic business card as a marketing weapon.Every business needs customers and for customers plastic business card is perfect option. Because it reflect your business and to attract more customers means expand your business. Plastic business card contain just name, address and phone number.If you have more than one business you need different cards; on the back of these card you can print special offers like discount offer etc.

Business cards are only reminders, if your imagination limits you to that usage. But they also can be very powerful selling tools and marketing vehicles that set you apart from the competition. Don’t worry about the cost, if your business cards can net you a nice profit.

You can print or design your card as you want but quality and resolution of picture which you added have highly importance. You can design your card to keep in purse, wallet, pocket etc.

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