Sunday, 30 September 2012

Business Cards

Business Cards contain business information such as Company name, logo telephone number and fax number. Business card introduced in 1895 and its use for business purpose. Traditionally many cards were simple black text on white stock; today a professional business card will sometimes include one or more aspects of striking visual design. 

The common weight of a business card varies some by location. Generally, business cards are printed on stock that is 350 g/m² (density), 45 kg (100 lb) (weight), or 12 pt (thickness). For printing business cards normally plastic us used because plastic is cheap and easily can be affordable. 

Card size of US is:

  • ·         Bleed size: 95.25 × 57.15 mm (3.75 × 2.25 in) (18 in bleeds)
  •        Standard cut size: 89 × 51 mm (3.5 × 2 in)

Card size of UK is:

  • ·         Bleed size: 91 × 61 mm (3.75 × 2.25 in)
  • ·         Standard cut size: 85 × 55 mm (3.5 × 2 in)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Membership Card Printing

If you are looking for loyal customers and members who push up your business and stands you in front row of your compactors than the best solution is to print membership card. There are two reasons one it will advertised your business second hunt good customers. Make sure your card can deliver a clear message and eye catching design in order to attract more customers to extend your business. 

Since Membership card Printing gives you all that benefits and it’s up to you that how you design it. Normally front side with a picture of your customer having good resolution explains his/her loyalty for your business. 

Don’t settle for trinkets with a high novelty factor but no long term value. Update your business promotion time to time. As the business increase, marketing needs are also increase. Keep in update to attain high valuable business

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Custom Gift Cards

The custom gift cards are similar to other affair cards with a characteristic identification code. This code namely acclimates for the identification of card and alleys the transaction log. This code is backed by a strong online system which maintains the card menu and likewise secures it. Normally banks and additional financial institutes offer such type of cards. 

Many banks or insurance companies issue these cards for their customers to provide them better service. Actually every company or organization wants to stay in market. Due to that reason they need loyal customers and in search new hunting for customers who push their company in first row. For this purpose they print good quality of custom gift cards.

Not just your customers have benefits but also for your business because these cards can represent you products and your personality. If you want stay in market and in search of customers you should have custom gift cards

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Transparent Business Card

Every business is feeling the effects of the slow economy and business owners are constantly looking for something that will give them a competitive edge. Due to this reason business man try new ways to promote business but I know the secret that is “Transparent business card”.

These cards play a very important role in ones branding and marketing they’re like mini billboards that advertise your company and should look and feel professional. The one most import advantage that you will gain through plastic cards are the first impression. 

First impressions have always been important, especially in the world of business. There will be times when the first thing a potential customer sees or hears about your business is your business card. Plastic business cards look very professional and make an excellent first impression.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Plastic business Cards

Everyone is now seeking to explore new ideas or new ways to promote their business and lead it to top of ranking. But the main question is “how we can promote our business”?

Answer is simple: You can use Plastic business cards.

As all we know the most important thing is to advertised business and catch loyal customers and investors from market. For this purpose Plastic business cards are the perfect option. Not only these cards can promote your business but also represent your personality. It’s depending on you which card may you selected? But in my opinion Plastic card having transparent shape is the best one. Due to its transparent shape its eye catching and consider the most powerful weapon in business world to hunt customers. These cards are environmental friendly as these can recycle and may be use again and again. Let’s advertised your business with plastic cards.