Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Palstic Card Security

Security of a plastic card is a big issue in now a days.Because these cards  can represent your business and as technology advance marketing tools are also advance; risk of plastic card is also increase.

In today's market the credit cards are also in the form of plastic or transparent plastic card. On plastic credit card the security are as follow:

Bar-codes:  We are fully equipped to apply bar-codes to our plastic cards. If you require us to match an existing bar-code please supply us with the exact specification or alternatively a sample for us to scan.

Signature Strips: Signature strips are the perfect solution for personalizing plastic cards, with the individual's details at the point of issue. The issuer can simply hand write the cardholder privileges, access codes and authorized signatures granting their customer instant access, membership and identification to their club or scheme. We hold in stock a wide variety of single, double and triple signature strips, and can also create a custom built tool to apply your own design.

Personalization: There are different forms of plastic card personalization, varying from names, numbers, codes, photos or dates. The variable data security features allow any number of plastic cards to display the same, a range or completely different information. This is ideal for discount cards, photo ID cards and so on.

Sequential Numbering:  Sequential numbers have a range of applications to help promote plastic card security and to reduce the likelihood of forgery. They assist in monitoring use and issue within a range of applications.

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